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The award-winning creators of The Three Waiters take surprise entertainment to a new level with the unique and entertaining act HypnoTWIST! HypnoTWIST cleverly fuses elements of hypnotism with surprise entertainment hoaxing, resulting in an outrageous interactive surprise. The audience watches as the European Hypnotist selects three volunteers from among the guests and appears to put them under his hypnotic control. The excitement builds as the volunteers perform increasingly amazing feats under hypnosis, culminating in a finale of hilarious show-stopping hits! Only at the end do the actors reveal their true identities, then the audience realizes they have been taken in by the charade.

What makes HypnoTWIST so amazing is that your group will identify with the people on stage and imagine what would have happened if they had been chosen instead… “Could he have gotten me to sing and dance like that?” HypnoTWIST is an exhilarating combination of surprise, humour and a vast array of great songs. It has the benefit of the international award winning The Three Waiters’ extensive expertise in live surprise performance.

Some Kind Words

“HypnoTWIST is a great show and our guests loved it!  It opened strong, maintained the same level of momentum until the end, and the actors were incredibly talented.  So talented in fact, that there wasn’t a sound in the room during the show when the “hypnosis” began. This soon gave way to ovations as the “volunteers” began to do more and more amazing feats!”
Leslie Guerin, Vice President, Events Planning and Management, PNC Global Investment Servicing

“I had the enormous pleasure of being totally sucked in and duped by the three brilliant young talents. Anyone wanting something a little different for their evening’s entertainment couldn’t do better than to hire these hilarious villains. Do yourself a favour and check them out!”
Barry H Crocker AM

“HypnoTWIST did a great job at entertaining our guests. The range of songs was fantastic; all well-known and a great selection. You could see guests sitting there wondering “Is this for real!? Could that have been me?” If you want something that’s a bit different, lots of fun and that will keep your guests entertained, look no further than HypnoTWIST!”
Catherine Elliot Bruce Lynton Charity Ball 2005



HypnoTWIST In Action!


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